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3 Amazing Post-Treatment Recovery Tips For Root Canals

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If you have a tooth that is badly decayed, it can be saved via a root canal. This involves removing your tooth's nerve and pulp, as well as thorough cleaning. If you're having a root canal performed for the first time, these post-treatment recovery tips will certainly come in handy. 

Take Prescription Medication As Directed 

Since a lot was done to the decaying tooth in order to save it, you'll probably feel a bit of soreness. You shouldn't panic, though, because this side-effect is perfectly normal. What you should do is take the medication that your dentist prescribes after the surgery is performed.

It will help you combat pain any time it gets too much to deal with. Just make sure you take this prescription medication exactly as directed by your dentist. You'll then see fast pain relief and won't have to worry about potential complications. 

Change Up Your Diet 

During your recovery from a root canal, you need to be mindful of what you eat. This is particularly true of hard foods. They can cause unnecessary stress to the treated tooth, potentially damaging it. To avoid this entirely, stay away from hard and sticky foods that require you to use a lot of jaw force.

Instead, switch up your diet to foods that are soft. You may even want to switch to an all-liquid diet until your treated tooth has time to fully heal. Then, you won't have to forget about not using a lot of force when chewing. All you'll be doing is swallowing for the most part. 

Stay Cognizant of Red Flags 

A root canal is a pretty basic procedure that your dentist will have no problem executing. However, every once and a while, complications can result after treatment. It's important that you know what these potential complications are so that you can tell your dentist before more severe issues develop. 

Some common red flags to keep an eye out for post-treatment include severe pain lasting for several days, an uneven bite, excessive bleeding, and an allergic reaction. If any one of these symptoms occurs during your root canal post-treatment, schedule a follow-up appointment with your dentist immediately. They'll quickly treat the issue before it escalates. 

One of the more stressful procedures people think of with dentistry is a root canal. Although it can cause slight pain, you can get through it effectively by knowing how to approach this procedure's post-treatment recovery process.