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Brushing Mistakes To Avoid

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Brushing your teeth is a great habit to have, but it is important to brush your teeth the right ways, at the right times, and with the right toothbrush. If you make common brushing mistakes, you might not be protecting your teeth as well as you should, and you could even be causing damage to your teeth. Here are some common brushing mistakes you should avoid if you want to keep your healthy teeth.

Brushing first thing in the morning only

Do you wake up and instantly rush to the bathroom to brush your teeth to get rid of the morning breath you wake up with? While this in itself is not a bad habit, it is a bad choice if this is the only time you choose to brush your teeth. Brushing your teeth is something you should do before you go to bed as well, as this helps keep your mouth clean all night while you sleep. You may also want to consider brushing your teeth after meals, or throughout the day if your mouth feels dirty or your teeth feel sticky and filmy.

Brushing too quickly

A second mistake many people make is spending too little time when brushing. If you brush your teeth quickly, for 10 to 20 seconds only, you are not cleaning your teeth as well as you should be. You should aim to brush your teeth for at least two full minutes each time you brush. Brushing for two minutes helps kill the bacteria in your mouth, and your mouth will feel cleaner and fresher.

Forgetting to replace your toothbrush

Replacing your toothbrush might not be a top priority on your list, but it is something you should do at least a few times each year. A lot of people fail to follow this rule and will only replace their toothbrush annually. You should aim to replace yours every three or four months, and you should even consider replacing it after you experience a major sickness, such as a bad cold or flu. The germs you have in your mouth when sick may stick to your toothbrush and continue affecting you for weeks to come if you keep using the same toothbrush.

Using a hard-bristled brush

One habit you might have that will harm your teeth is using a hard-bristled toothbrush. A hard-bristled brush has the potential to remove enamel from your teeth, and this will leave your teeth vulnerable to sensitivity and decay.

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