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Orthodontic Treatment Myths Corrected

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Many individuals may not have had the benefit of developing straight teeth. While this can have devastating effects on a person's appearance and the quality of their smile, it is possible to straighten teeth so that they any alignment issues are corrected.

Myth: Retainers Are Only Used For Keeping Teeth In Place

Retainers are commonly used to help patients of orthodontic treatments retain their teeth alignment after their braces are removed. This has to lead to individuals assuming that these devices are only suited to this task. Yet, there are retainers that are designed to gradually adjust and shift teeth so that they will be better aligned. In particular, Invisalign treatments have become one of the more common options for those that are wanting to use this type of orthodontic treatment.

Myth: Adults Are Unable To Take Advantage Of Invisalign Treatments

Teenagers are often the primary audience for orthodontic treatments. However, there are many adults that may not have had the opportunity to undergo these treatments when they were young. Additionally, some individuals may develop tooth alignment issues as adults due to injury, tooth loss or periodontal disease. Luckily, an adult's teeth will still be able to be adjusted through this type of treatment.

Myth: The Invisalign Retainers Are Permanently Attached To The Teeth

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign retainers are not directly attached to the teeth. This makes it possible to remove these retainers when it is not convenient or practical to wear them. One of the most common times for individuals to remove these retainers is when they are eating. Also, it can be beneficial to remove the retainer during sports activities, public speaking or when you brush your teeth. While individuals should attempt to wear these retainers as much as possible, having this ability can be extremely useful.

Myth: Wearing Invisalign Retainers Will Cause Your Teeth To Decay

Concerns about developing tooth decay can be a reason for individuals to be hesitant about undergoing orthodontic treatments. Traditional braces can often make patients more prone to developing decay due to the difficulty of cleaning the teeth while wearing the braces. Invisalign retainers will avoid this source of decay as individuals will actually be able to remove the retainer so that they can thoroughly clean all of their teeth. When brushing your teeth, the Invisalign retainer should also be cleaned to remove any tartar or plaque that may have gotten on it. Otherwise, you may put these substances back on your teeth.

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