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Questions For Your Dentist

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When you go in for your next dental visit, you want to make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to educate yourself on the things you should know when it comes to better caring for your teeth, as well as the rest of your mouth. Here are a few of the questions you may want to ask your dentist during your next visit.

Are you using the right toothbrush?

In most cases, you want to use a soft toothbrush. However, there is a reason you can also purchase them with medium and hard bristles. The dentist may want you to use another type of toothbrush if you have a very thick layer of enamel on your teeth, as they know the harder bristles won't damage them, and if you have a pretty serious problem with plaque build-up. They may also suggest you switching to an electric toothbrush, so it's always good to get clarification from a dentist on what's the best one for you.

What type of mouthwash should you be using?

Ask your dentist what type of mouthwash they feel is best for you. There are many types available and this allows you to use the one that is going to give your teeth and your mouth what they need to be healthier and to stay in better shape longer. For example, there is mouthwash available with a certain amount of fluoride that can be of help to people who have thinner enamel on their teeth. There is also mouthwash available for those who tend to suffer from bad breath. Your dentist will be able to tell you which type will be the most beneficial for you.

Are you okay to use certain over-the-counter products?

If you have been thinking about using some over-the-counter products you aren't sure about, such as teeth whiteners, then it's best to ask your dentist what they think of these products. They may warn you against them, or they may provide you with information on which ones you should use or not use. Some over-the-counter products can be harsh on teeth, and others can take a very long time to work.

How often do they think you should come in to see them?

The dentist may think you should come in more often than what is normally expected. If you think your teeth are in pretty bad shape, then ask them if it would be beneficial for you to make more appointments to see them throughout the year. This way, you know what to tell the staff at the front when they ask you when you would like to make your next appointment.