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Dental Grills: How Mouth Adornments Can Damage Teeth

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While personal style choices are great, it is important to pay attention how they can affect your health. Many people choose to wear dental grills as a fashion statement, but they can cause some damage to your natural teeth. The following are some risks that can come with wearing a grill on the teeth that you should be aware of:

Excess Plaque Buildup

One problem with wearing a dental grill is the excess buildup of plaque. This buildup can lead to extra bacteria in the mouth, which can lead to decay and cavities. In addition, bits of food can get caught in the grill if it is not removed and washed periodically throughout the day. To prevent this from happening, you will need to maintain a regular routine of healthy dental hygiene practices. In addition to brushing and flossing twice a day, you should remove the grill when eating and drinking. Also, take the time to rinse it out in the sink a few times a day. Also, do not sleep while wearing a dental grill.

Tooth Abrasion

Another problem with wearing a grill is the abrasion that can damage the teeth. Grills are made from metal, some precious and some not. Gold and platinum grills will do less damage than cheaper metals. However, all metals have the chance to scratch the surface of the teeth. Cavities can quickly form in these abrasions, which will result in additional dental work.


If you wear a grill that is made from a cheap metal, it can also cause your teeth to become discolored. The metal can leech into the teeth and cause them to darken. If you wear a grill made from real gold but also includes colorful adornments, they can also leech into the teeth. If you are wearing a grill regularly, be sure to ask your dentist about professional teeth whitening should they begin discoloring your teeth. You can also scale back on how often you wear the grill if you begin to notice discoloration.

If you want to wear a dental grill in your mouth, that is a personal style decision that is up to you. However, take some steps to ensure your teeth remain healthy. First, invest money in a grill that is made from precious metals so that you do not scratch your teeth. Also, be sure to have it customized to fit your own mouth. In addition, be sure to practice good oral hygiene so that you do not suffer from cavities and decay. Click here to learn more about cosmetic dentistry.