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3 Reasons To Talk To Your Dentist About Dental Implants

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Dental implants are a very versatile tool that your dentist can use to resolve a very wide array of different dental issues. Listed below are three reasons to talk to your dentist about getting dental implants.

Eliminate Denture Inconvenience

One of the most common uses for dental implants is to help eliminate some of the discomfort and inconvenience that denture wearers have to deal with on a daily basis. Whenever someone wears dentures, it is very common for them to have to deal with the fact that dentures move around quite a bit whenever they are trying to eat or speak, which can be extremely aggravating when you have to deal with that all day.

However, dental implants are a great way to eliminate that inconvenience because they can provide points in your mouth that will allow the dentures to lock into place. In many cases, this takes the form of a hook or ball on the end of the dental implant that will lock into place on the underside of a person's dentures and keep the dentures from moving around.

Protect Your Remaining Teeth

Another big reason to talk to your dentist about dental implants is that they can help protect your remaining teeth after you have lost a tooth. Whenever you lose a tooth, the neighboring teeth will often shift into the empty space over time, which can leave you with crooked teeth. However, when you put a dental implant in that space, the dental implant will block the neighboring teeth from being able to shift or move into the empty space, since that space will be gone.

Preserve Your Facial Structure

Finally, you will want to consider talking to your dentist about dental implants in order to preserve your facial structure as much as possible. The simple truth is that as you lose your teeth, your jawline and overall appearance will begin to change based on the number of teeth that you lose. The reason for this is that your teeth provide necessary stimulation to your jawbone whenever you chew your food, which causes your jawbone to be able to repair itself and encourages new growth.

When that stimulation goes away, your jawbone can begin to deteriorate and dissolve. However, replacing any lost teeth with dental implants can help you preserve your facial structure because the dental implants will extend as deep into your jaw as your natural teeth. As a result, the dental implants will be able to do the job of stimulating your jawbone whenever you chew and keep your jawbone from degrading over time.

Make an appointment with your dentist today to discuss if dental implants are the right fix for your particular dental problem and how a dental implant would benefit you in your situation. Dental implants can help you eliminate denture inconvenience, protect your remaining teeth, and preserve your facial structure.