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Can Your Dental Implants Be Stained?

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Your dental implants are shaped and colored to look just like your natural teeth. If those implants should become stained, they may not look right anymore. Knowing whether or not your dental implants can be stained and under what circumstances can protect your implants and preserve the appearance of your smile.

Can your dental implants be stained?

Dental implants are generally made from porcelain that is protected by a slick, stain-resistant glaze on the outside. As long as the glaze remains intact, the dental implants will not stain. If the glaze on the teeth is compromised, the porcelain underneath the glaze will absorb staining foods and drinks.

What can cause the glaze on the outside of the dental implants to break down?

The glaze on your dental implants is strong but still vulnerable to scratching when rubbed with abrasive material. Brushing your teeth with abrasive toothpaste or consuming acidic foods can break down the glaze on the outside of the porcelain over time. As the glaze becomes etched, the implants become more vulnerable to stains.

How can you prevent stains from occurring?

You can prevent stains from occurring by brushing your teeth with the right toothpaste formulated for dental implants and by developing smart eating habits. When consuming foods that are acidic, brush your teeth when you're finished. If consuming foods that can potentially stain your teeth, swish with sparkling water in between bites or gulps.

What can you do if your dental implants become stained?

If your dental implants become stained, they may stain at the same time and rate as your natural teeth, thus the difference will not be noticeable. However, since your dental implants and your natural teeth are made from completely different materials, there's always the chance that your two types of teeth will not stain in the same way and thus will look different from one another. If this happens, the only realistic solution is to change the crowns on the implants for different crowns that match your natural teeth.

Doing this will give you the chance to match your dental implants to your natural teeth once again, thus restoring the appearance of your smile. For more information, speak with a dentist. He or she can help you come up with the best way to preserve your dental implants and natural teeth. If your dental implants and natural teeth are beginning to stain, your dentist can give you advice that can slow or stop the problem.