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Three Alternatives To Dental Implants With Cost Is An Issue For Your Budget

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If you have dental problems due to accidents or other causes, dental implants can be an option to restore your smile. The only problem is that it can be costly just to have one implant, much less to replace many of your teeth. If you want to restore your smile but cannot afford implants, there are other alternatives. Here are some implant alternatives that will be friendlier to your wallet:  

1. Dental Crowns To Repair Damaged Teeth

If you have teeth that are damaged, a dental crown can be a solution for dental restoration. Crowns are usually a ceramic piece that covers the tooth to make it look natural. This can be done to teeth that still have enough structure to support the crown. If you have a root canal done, the dentist may also use a dental crown to restore the tooth. Crowns cannot be done with the tooth has severe decay that is below the gum line and does not have enough structure to support the new piece.

2. Using Dental Bridges To Repair Missing Teeth

Bridges are another dental operation that can be used for various dental problems. They are a crown that are used to replace more than one teeth. To have a bridge, you will need to have teeth for the new dental piece to attach to. It can also be used to replace teeth that you may need to have extracted because crowns cannot be used to repair them. The bridge will be used to replace the missing teeth and give you your smile back. You will not be able to do this if you do not have the teeth to attach the bridge to.

3. Partial Dentures To Give Your Back Your Smile

If you have missing teeth where dental crowns and bridges cannot be used for reconstruction, a partial denture may be used to replace teeth. This is a denture piece that attaches to the healthy teeth you have. Before you have the partial denture made, you may have to do dental restoration to the teeth where the new prosthesis will attach too. This can be an option if you have teeth where a bridge cannot be used to replace them. This can also be a temporary solution for teeth that you plan on replacing with implants some time.

These are some of the implant alternatives that you may want to consider to restore your smile. If you need to have dental work done, contact a dentist and talk with them about using crowns and bridges to restore your smile.