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Natural Items You Can Use To Manage Post-Dental Implant Pain

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If you are worried about any pain you may have after your new dental implants are installed, then you have come to the right place! While you may have some swelling and discomfort after the procedure, you can be assured that there are simple things you can do to manage any pain you may have, in addition to taking any pain medication your cosmetic dentist prescribes for you.

Stock your home's kitchen with these natural items before your dental implant surgery so that you can safely and naturally treat any pain you may experience:

#1: Salt

As long as you are not on a salt-restricted diet, one of the best natural items you can use for post-procedure dental pain is a simple salt water solution. To make a salt rinse, mix together one teaspoon of table salt and one cup of warm water. Swish the mixture around in your mouth for two minutes and then spit it out. Repeat as necessary to control your pain.

#2: Tea Bags

Drinking a cup of warm tea will be very soothing on your sore mouth tissues. In addition, you can place the post brew tea bag directly on your sore gums. The tea bag will help the area feel a lot better and helps to reduce swelling. Simply brew your tea as you usually would and then blot out the excess tea from the tea bag. Place the tea bag directly on your sore gums for about ten minutes and then remove and dispose of it. You can apply a new tea bag as often as you wish. 

#3: Frozen Peas

For any aching pain in your jaw, you can wrap a bag of frozen peas in a thin towel and apply it to your face. By loosening the peas if they are stuck together, the resulting ice pack will easily mold to fit the contour of your face. You should apply the ice pack for about twenty minutes at a time and then remove it for at least twenty minutes. Using it too much can cause frostbite on your skin.


Now that you know which items to buy to help treat any dental pain that you may have from having your new dental implants installed, you can relax and not stress so much over your upcoming dental surgery. If you have additional questions about how to control any pain you may experience from your dental implant procedure, then you should speak with your cosmetic dentist (like those at Carolina Forest Family Dentistry) about your concerns.