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Surprising Ways A Cosmetic Dentist Actually Protects The Health Of Your Mouth

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When you think of visiting a cosmetic dentist, you may think only of the appearance of your teeth and smile, but in truth, a cosmetic dentist can actually protect the health of your mouth as well. Consider how that is and why you may want to schedule an appointment for their services.

1. Broken and chipped teeth can cut the inside of your mouth

A broken or chipped tooth usually has a sharp edge that can cut the inside of your mouth. Even a clean mouth is full of germs and bacteria, and when you have cuts inside your mouth, these can lodge inside those openings, causing an infection. Infections then travel to other areas of the body or get worse when left untreated.

A cosmetic dentist can easily put a veneer or cap over a broken or chipped tooth and build on that so that there are no rough edges, thereby protecting your mouth from cuts and possible infections.

2. A missing tooth can lead to more teeth becoming loose

Teeth rely on each other for support, and when one is missing, other teeth may become loose and eventually fall out as well. A missing tooth also means exposed gums that allow germs and bacteria to build up. This, in turn, can lead to gum disease, which also contributes to the risk of tooth loss.

An artificial tooth can actually be screwed into place when you're missing a tooth, or a dentist can fit you with a plate that is like dentures, but with just one tooth. You can wear the plate during the day, and your teeth are supported and gums are protected.

3. Eroded teeth can lead to the buildup of bacteria and germs

When teeth are eroded either due to grinding or foods high in acids, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. The pulp of the gums can be exposed, and this allows unhealthy substances to settle on the teeth. In turn, the teeth can be eroded even further, putting you at risk of tooth loss, and this buildup of germs and bacteria can lead to increased risk of infections.

Building on these eroded teeth with bonding, veneers, or another material can protect them and the exposed pulp of the gum. The teeth will not only look better, but the mouth will be protected and healthier as well.

These are just three ways that a cosmetic dentist like one from BayView Dental Arts can protect the health of your mouth-- not just the appearance of your smile.