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Does Teeth Whitening Treatment Damage Your Teeth?

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Teeth whitening procedures often involve the use of bleaching agents in order to whiten teeth. Most of the products are said to be safe and even available for regular home use. However, some are still concerned that these bleaching products may cause permanent damage.  Is Teeth Whitening Safe?  Yes, teeth whitening is safe, provided you stick to dentist-approved methods and products. Don’t rush to purchase over-the-counter whitening products without a dentist’s recommendation first. Read More»

5 Signs You Need to See the Dentist More Frequently

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The majority of people should see the dentist twice a year for a checkup. The visit gives the dentist a chance to perform a professional cleaning and check for dental health issues. Some people, however, should visit the dental clinic even more frequently than that. Here are a few signs you may need to see a dentist more often.  You Smoke Tobacco Smoking tobacco is quite harmful to your oral health. Read More»

What Can Complicate Your Eligibility For Full Mouth Dental Implants?

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If you have lost roughly over half of your teeth, or you have been diagnosed with severe periodontal disease, you may be a candidate for full-mouth dental implants. In this procedure, the rest of your teeth will be extracted and at least four implants will be placed in your jaw so that the full arches can be affixed to them. There are potential factors that could complicate matters and disqualify you from a full-mouth dental implant procedure. Read More»

5 Tips To Make Your Next Dental Appointment Tolerable

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While you are aware of the importance of visiting your dentist regularly for checkups, you may still experience anxiety before your appointments. This is actually pretty common and nothing to be ashamed about. However, if you make a few simple changes, you might not dread your visits anymore. Here are a few tips to make your next dental appointment tolerable. Find a Dentist You Trust The first step is to choose a dentist you feel comfortable around. Read More»

Your Dental Implant Questions Answered

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Everyone wants a beautiful smile, but tooth loss is common. In the past, dental bridges and partial dentures were the go-to solutions for replacing one or two missing teeth. However, dental implants are becoming more affordable for many patients. If you are considering a dental implant for your missing tooth, check out these commonly asked questions.   Who Should Consider Getting a Dental Implant? If you’re missing a tooth, you may be wondering if a dental implant is a possible option. Read More»

What Are The Signs Of A Good Dentist?

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If you are currently searching for a new dentist, then take the time to ensure that you find a good one. A good dentist does more than just take care of your teeth. But what does a good dentist look like? Here are the qualities to look for when finding a new dentist. The Dental Office Is Organized The first thing to look at when you walk into a dental office is its organization. Read More»