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What You Should Be Ready For After Your Wisdom Teeth Get Taken Out

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Getting your wisdom teeth taken out is a very important and necessary procedure that millions of Americans have undertaken and thousands go through every day. The benefits of getting your wisdom teeth removed will hopefully outweigh any possible nerves that you may have about the procedure. However, a lot of people put no preparation into how they will recover after their wisdom teeth extraction procedure, which can leave them in a bit of a tricky spot. Here are a few things that you can do to help ensure your recovery at home is as good as it possibly can be following your wisdom teeth extraction.

Important To Take Time Off

The first and perhaps most important piece of advice to recover from this procedure is to actually give yourself time to recover. That might seem silly, but a lot of people underestimate just how intense this procedure is on your body, and you should give yourself at least a few days at home to allow the swelling to go down. While you won't be fully back to normal for a week or two, after a few days the inflammation will have gone down to the point where most tasks become doable again, so make sure you take a few days off work at the very least.

Get The Soft Food Ready

While, theoretically, you could eat solid food after your wisdom teeth are removed, this will be extremely painful in the immediate aftermath of the procedure. A lot of people forget to stock up on some soft foods, and you need your strength to recover from such a draining few days. Getting a bunch of soups, berries, soft bread, and other very light meals is a good idea so that you don't get angry from hunger and spoil your mood even further. Also, make sure to avoid drinking alcohol or using any non-prescribed drugs in the few days after your extraction.

Keep Still And Don't Play With The Wounded Area

Taking time off work does not mean you should keep up with your exercise regime or go on a holiday. It means you need to be stationary and give your body the full rest it needs to fix the gaping holes in the back of your mouth. Speaking of which, although it can be tough, it is important that you try not to touch or investigate that area at all so that it can naturally heal and not start bleeding again. While this is time off, it is not a holiday or a time to use for anything other than rest. 

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