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The Changes You'll Experience After Getting Dental Implants

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Getting dental implants can really change your life after you've been missing one or more teeth. But the changes don't stop at just giving you a nice looking smile. You can expect a lot of other positive oral health benefits after you get your dental implants, too. Here are three of them.

Stop Sliding

One of the first things that will happen is that your dental implants will put a stop to your neighboring teeth sliding around. This is to say that when a tooth is lost, its neighbors tend to start leaning in towards where the missing tooth used to be. This is because they no longer have a barrier preventing them from moving over, and stress from your biting can help to push the teeth in that direction.

When a dental implant is put in place, it doesn't just take up the space above the gums. It also goes down beneath them, ensuring that the roots of your teeth and the crowns stay exactly where they're supposed to be.

Improved Gum Circulation

One of the things that you lose when you have a tooth fall out is some of your gum circulation. While blood naturally flows through your gums at all times, every bite you take helps to stimulate that circulation and keep it flowing efficiently. When you lose a tooth, your bite can't apply pressure to the entire gum, as there's no longer a tooth there. As a result, you lose some of your circulation.

If this goes on for long enough, it can put other neighboring teeth at risk of being lost due to poor circulation and an increased risk of gum disease.

Stronger Bone

Finally, one of the biggest benefits you'll reap from dental implants is that your jaw bones will grow stronger.

The implant will allow transmission of pressure from your bite to go all the way down into the bone, the same way that your real tooth used to. You might think that pressure on a bone is a bad thing, but actually, it's a good one in this case. That pressure encourages new bone cells to grow that replace old ones. In layman's terms, this keeps your jaw strong and keeps the bone dense.

Getting dental implants can offer you all of these benefits and more. Don't hesitate any longer. Make the call to start the process of getting dental implants today.