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Unintentionally Pulled A Filling Out Of Your Tooth While Eating Sticky Food? Get Immediate Help From An Emergency Dentist

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While eating something sticky, you may have unintentionally pulled a filling out of your tooth. The filling may have been applied to the tooth at the dental office after the dentist noticed you had a cavity and needed to have it treated before it got any worse. Now that the filling is no longer covering the tooth, you will need to see an emergency dentist and receive treatment because the tooth nerves may be exposed without the filling being in the proper place.

Do Not Wait For Treatment

Rather than making an appointment with your dentist to see him or her for the next available appointment that is potentially weeks away, you should visit an emergency dentist to have your tooth taken care of within several hours instead of several days. When you are waiting around for treatment, you are putting yourself at risk of experiencing excruciating pain while potentially causing even more damage to a tooth that is already in damaged condition in the first place.

Find Out What You Will Need to Have Done

The type of treatment you will need to have done depends on the dentist's findings upon examining your tooth. There are times when that missing filling exposes something that may be much more problematic than you could have anticipated. For example, you could have a lot more decay on the tooth. If there is a massive cavity on the tooth, a filling may no longer be the most suitable method of treatment. When something like this does occur, where a cavity gets even bigger, the dentist may need to talk to you about performing a root canal to save the tooth.

However, a root canal is not always necessary. In fact, after checking out your teeth with the proper tools, the dentist may recommend reapplying a new filling to replace the old one that was once covering the cavity on your tooth. If you are going to get a new filling put on your tooth, you will need to take precautionary measures and possibly avoid sticky foods that have the potential to rip the filling right out.

If you accidentally pulled a filling out of your tooth while eating something that was sticky, you should see the emergency dentist, like Centre Family Dentistry, as soon as you can. Seeking treatment quickly is the best thing to do to avoid dealing with a lot of pain while potentially saving your tooth. The emergency dentist will let you know what you need to have done, whether it is a replacement filling or even a root canal.