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Do You Need A Filling But Hate The Look Of Metal? Know Your Other Options

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If your dentist says you have a cavity and you don't want the treatment to be noticeable in your mouth, then you don't want to get a metal filling. There are some alternative solutions to shiny metal, depending on how bad your cavity is.

If the tooth is so damaged that it needs to be extracted or you need a bridge, an implant may be your only option. If, however, there is less damage, the dentist may only think a filling is needed. Here are some questions you will want to ask before having the tooth filled.

Is a Porcelain Inlay Possible?

A porcelain inlay is ideal if you have a cavity that has deteriorated some of the tooth but the exterior structure of the tooth is still in good condition. The inlay will be secured in place of the cavity so further plaque and decay doesn't get into the tooth, and it will protect that area from further deterioration.

Can I Get a Composite Filling?

A composite filling is a white filing that isn't very noticeable. The dentist may have to drill into the mouth to be able to pour the filling deep enough so it will stay in place, but it won't be like a root canal. Composite fillings often cost more in comparison to a traditional metal filling because the procedure is more complicated, so if you want this discrete option you'll have to pay.

Should I Get a Veneer?

Are the cavities in the front teeth? If so, it can be hard to hide the dental work that you need. Instead of alternative options, you may want to consider having the teeth filed past the cavity, and then having porcelain veneers put on. The veneers will go over more than one tooth, but they are a great way to improve your smile and prevent the tooth from getting other cavities.

Many people don't want to smile and show the world that they have had dental work, and you don't have to when you choose one of these listed options for the problems you have with your oral health. Talk with a dentist like Dr. David K. Skeels to see which one of these options is the best solution for your current cavity situation and which option will last the longest. Getting the tooth fixed sooner than later should also be a top priority, since the longer it goes without treatment, the more damage and deterioration will occur.