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How to Give Yourself a New Look

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No matter how attractive they are, many people like to improve their looks, which is a really good thing to do. Like it or not, improving your looks has a positive effect on how you are viewed by your peers and other people you meet along the way. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to achieve the look you desire.

Your Body—Be very frank with yourself as you make notes of things you need to improve.

  • Do you need to add weight or to lose it? Perhaps you're at a good weight, but you realize that you need to tone your body.
  • If you have written down the goal to improve your shape, consider joining a gym or a dance exercise class. Another good idea is to get a buddy to walk with. If you work, think about bringing athletic shoes to work and using your lunch break as a time for walking.
  • Consider making out menus that include nutritious foods that improve your health. Your body and your complexion will show the results of your new eating plan.

Your Hair—Sometimes you might just want to shave your head and be done with the problems that come with having hair on your head. Usually that means that you don't have the right haircut.

  • Think about going to a salon to have an aesthetician evaluate exactly what kind of style you should have. 
  • Professionals have been trained to match a hair style with your facial shape, your personality, and your lifestyle.
  • Be open to new suggestions, but be sure to approve any changes that the stylist wants to make.

Your Face—Perhaps you are a natural-born beauty, but you still want to make changes. Or maybe nature didn't bless you with fabulous features. No problem!

  • Again, a professional aesthetician can massage, cleanse, and tone your face to give you a more radiant look. Consider getting a makeover while you are at a beauty salon. Just like professionals are trained to give you a personalized hair style, an aesthetician is trained to select makeup base, powder, blush, eye makeup, and lipstick that will complement your coloring.
  • Do you wear glasses? Of course, people like Sophia Loren have shown that glasses can give you even a glamorous look. However, consider a new frameless set of glasses. Another idea is to bite the bullet and get contact lenses. It may take awhile to get used to them, but they might be worth the effort.
  • How about teeth whitening? If you have evaluated your teeth and realize that they aren't as white as they could be, try the over-the-counter products first. If they don't work, think about going to your dentist for a more powerful treatment. A mold of your own teeth will be made first. When the trays are ready, you'll be given a whitening product to put into the tray. It's important to follow directions carefully. In most cases, you'll be directed to perform the whitening treatment twice a day. Even though it's not inexpensive to purchase the at-home whitening kit from your dentist, having white teeth will give you a boost in confidence that is priceless. Find a dentist near you, such as Elma Family Dental, that can help you out.

Best wishes on giving yourself a new look!