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Common Concerns About Root Canals

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So, you've been told you need a root canal. That's not something anyone likes to hear, but if your dentist has told you that you need one, it's important to do as he or she says. A root canal can save a dying or even badly damaged tooth as long as it's done soon after it's recommended. It's natural to be nervous about this procedure and to have questions about what it is and how it works. Here are some of the common concerns people have about root canals.

Will it Hurt?

One of the most common misconceptions and fears about root canals is that they are very painful. When serious complications, which make the root canal more invasive, are present, they can be somewhat painful. When that is the case, anesthesia and pain medication are usually provided.

For the average person, however, a root canal is comparable to a dental filling. These procedures can often be done quickly, without being "put under," and without extreme pain or discomfort. If you are concerned about how long your root canal will take or about the level of pain you can expect, talk to your dental healthcare professional. They can explain the procedure and what to expect in depth, helping to ease your fears and prepare you for the procedure.

Do I Actually Need a Root Canal?

People often joke that dentists will advise patients to undergo root canals that they don't actually need in an effort to make money. In truth, though, no legitimate, board-certified dentist is going to do that. To do so would cause him to risk his practice and his reputation.

Furthermore, most people who are in need of root canals will experience symptoms that let them know it! If you have any of the following symptoms, and your dental health care professional has recommended a root canal, then you probably need it:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • General discomfort or pain
  • Pain when chewing
  • Loss of feeling in the tooth

Is Extraction a Better Choice?

Some people believe, due to misinformation, that an extraction is safer and easier than a root canal. However, removing a tooth that doesn't absolutely have to be removed is never a smart idea. Nothing can fully replace a missing tooth, and tooth replacement options are costly and rarely permanent.

Consider yourself lucky if you qualify for a root canal instead of an extraction. As you can see, most concerns about root canals are not really concerns at all, but if you find yourself feeling anxious or worried, remember you can always talk to your dentist, one like Dodson Endodontics.